Finish Well

Fear is what kept me from jumping out of the airplane that day. They call it free-fall — jumping out of a perfectly good airplane, pulling the rip cord at the right time, relaxing and falling, rather floating, to the ground. There were several candidates signing up for the early morning class and afternoon jump. … More Finish Well

A True Wonder-Woman

We live in a world marked by much pain and suffering, yet God’s desire is that we prosper in the midst of the situations we face.  By prosper, I am speaking of flourishing, growing and walking in victory—the Bible calls it being blessed. My life-theme is centered in Psalm One.  This Psalm succinctly lays out … More A True Wonder-Woman

Light vs. Darkness

Walking in the Light is a wonderful place to be!  The benefits of having unbroken fellowship with our Creator God and one another is beautiful.  Because Christ provided the way to the Father, through His terrible suffering for sin and death on the cross, we are now free to enter into this beautiful place of … More Light vs. Darkness