Night Adventures

Have you ever felt like you were living inside a movie script? I recall a winter night in Romania, January 1999, waiting… hiding in the cemetery next to the orphanage. At some point midweek, during our stay at the orphanage, Dale had asked Virginia about four particular children, siblings.  She said, “Oh no, that mother … More Night Adventures

Step Back

When life seems quite overwhelming, and you feel the need to take charge, be careful you honor the scripture, for pains of consequence are large. If you will take gently a step back, consider your ways and be wise, you’ll soon see your Father’s instruction, in your situation proved wise. Step back and make room … More Step Back

The Clinic

Please don’t abort your baby; I’ll adopt your child…  REALLY? As I talked to these young women facing so much turmoil with their choice to abort their baby, I would often repeat the line that I had heard so many other pro-lifers say. On this particular day, as I stood outside the doors of the abortion clinic, … More The Clinic

It’s Your Heart

Have you ever been discouraged wondering if someone would ever change; if you could ever change? Be encouraged, with God ALL things are possible. God offers us solutions to every area of life where we face problems. Let’s consider the heart of man, and why we are tempted toward those things that can harm us … More It’s Your Heart

Mary Knew

With a beautiful, fresh snowfall this morning, I’ve put on worshipful Christmas music and the song, Mary Did You Know, was playing. So now I am considering this beautiful young woman, Mary – a servant of God who was chosen to be the vessel God would use to deliver our Savior into this broken world. … More Mary Knew