fish-959636__480.jpgThe most important resource of the day is God’s Word. Rise early and seek Him, renew your mind daily through mediation in His Word and prayer. The Holy Spirit living in you will make His Word alive; if that has not happened for you yet, then enter relationship with Jesus Christ, humbly ask Him to forgive you of your sin and to fill you with His Spirit.

Pure Life Ministries – Freedom from Sexual Sin: Unchained Testimonies. Pornography use is exploding in our smartphone culture, and it’s fueled by porn’s alluring but deceptive nature. To fight the cultural trend, we will have to dismantle the lies that surround pornography. This PLM audio article explores the untold history of the adult entertainment industry, and then Nate Danser debunks the myth that porn only affects the person using it. Short Video with HOPE.

ADDICTION: How NOT to Raise an Addict by Mark Shaw.  Book Dr. Mark Shaw has written a variety of insightful books on addiction. I highly recommend his books. Other Booklets by Mark Shaw:   Hope and Help for Video Game, TV & Internet “Addiction,     Hope & Help in Marriage,     Hope & Help for Self-Injurers & Cutters,     Hope and Help Through Biblical Counseling.

COUNSELING: Biblical Counselor, Rick Thomas, shares great insights on a variety of topics. I HIGHLY recommend him to you. He offers sound wisdom and advice through his written blogs and via his podcasts.

Betrayed?  Here’s a website that will help you understand the process and steps to stability. Great resource.

What is Biblical Counseling? Listen as Dr.Heath Lambert, recent director of  ACBC (Assoc. of Certified Biblical Counselors) offers a brief explanation (3 minutes). For further info. please go to their website.

Freedom from Sexual Bondage Peter Horrobin (5 min).

Sermon by Robert Morris, entitled Freedom from Lust and Sexual Sin.

Sexual Addiction – Videos

Dr. Doug Weiss (H2H) –  Has served people for 30 years to break free of sexual addiction. He offers honest and clear teaching on the physiological effects of sexual sin. Videos:  A Sexually Healthy Church (60 min) Highly recommend, especially for church leadership. Helping Her Heal – Part 1 of 3 (aftermath of betrayal, 28 min).  Sexless Marriage insights (7 min),  Now That I Know, What Should I Do? ( 2 min),  When Men Are Tempted  on sexual sin (53 min),  Conferences and ministry overview (2 min).  H2H website 10 different short Videos.

Blended Christian therapy (H2H) is helpful in learning more about habitual sin (addiction) and understanding the physiological results of sin. Biblical Counseling, which focuses on the sin issues of the heart, is the ultimate life-giving way to set one free from any addiction through the power of the Holy Spirit within.

Porn Protection: Covenant Eye  Unfiltered  (30 min) video – Very insightful on the curiosity of porn to children, hormonal effects of porn, the brain and porn, role of masturbation, how to protect yourself and those you love. Covenant Eyes

TERMINOLOGY: Excellent Manual by Marshall and Mary Asher: The Christian’s Guide to Psychological Terms. Compares terminology and diagnosis for man-centered/needs-based counseling (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Health/medical model) vs. Discipleship/God-glorifying counsel (From God’s Word/heart model). Very helpful and insightful.

Sermon by Derek Prince: The Danger of Pride (6 Min excerpt).   Then Shall the End Come  (60 min/each 4 Part series).  Derek Prince is a favorite Bible teacher of mine.

Healing Scriptures – If you are seeking healing from God listen to the Word and receive healing from Him. Jesus, our Great Physician, touched them and they were healed. He was wounded for our transgressions… and by His stripes, we are healed — body, soul, and spirit.


Testimony (10 min) of how the Holy Spirit and angels ministered to Richard Wurmbrand while in solitary confinement in a communist Romanian prison.

Testimony of Anne (Auntie Anne’s Pretzels) at Liberty University. The combined testimony of Anne and Jonas Beiler’s story of redemption in their marriage.

Marilyn Van Derbur shares her insightful story of childhood sexual abuse/incest.  A Survivor’s Story (23 min.) is helpful in understanding the fallout of this sin against innocence. Good for both victims of childhood sexual abuse or a helper/counselor.

Insightful personal Testimony (11 min) of childhood abuse by Heath Lambert, recent director of  ACBC (Assoc. of Certified Biblical Counselors).

Human Trafficking Survivor: Carol Knuth’s Story. Carol shares about her past in foster care and what life is like for her now and her hope. Foster children are prime targets for traffickers. Fostering and/or adoption can save a child.

Suicide Prevention/Help Someone

Encouragement: The Seasons of Your Life shows how when you’re in a trial season, hold onto God’s Hand, it will change. Ask Him to carry you through, He will