Study in Ephesians

We are going through the Book of Ephesians on Thursday evenings from 6:30-8pm in the Atrium at Grace Fellowship – Halfmoon, NY – All are welcome! July 25 – August 29th. Note: We will not meet on Thurs, Aug, 15th, but instead gather the evening before at 6:30pm on Wed. August 14, and then at 7pm join … More Study in Ephesians

Keep Out!

Don’t box me in! Has anyone ever said this to you?  Have you ever felt like someone has put a “Keep Out” sign up over their heart? Lonely marriages feel like this. Anne Beiler, founder of Auntie Anne’s Pretzels, shared with a group of us ladies how during a very low part of her life … More Keep Out!

Personal Ambition

Pride is man’s most subtle and constantly encroaching enemy. By it we elevate ourselves above others, and even God at times. It can turn us into mockers rather than servants. We daily need to examine ourselves to see if we are walking in humility and freedom in Christ, or if pride in ourselves or our … More Personal Ambition

Guilt & Shame

My heart goes out to anyone living in relationship with someone who is carrying a load of guilt and shame. It is a heavy load that weighs people down. Sometimes it is loaded on because of the sin against us by someone else and we carry the offense. Other times it comes from our own … More Guilt & Shame