MomMother’s hands are used by God to nurture us until we reach His heavenly embrace… and a mother’s prayers are her most effective weapon.

I’m am thinking of a couple of moms that I want to remember today for different reasons. One is a young Mom who I came to know last Spring through an event at our church. Her prayer request during an alone time together was to have another baby; she already had a young son but had lost other babies by miscarriage. This Mother’s Day, a year later, she has another beautiful boy to love, nurture, and enjoy. This young woman’s heart cry and faith are inspiring, I enjoy seeing how she delights in her gifts from God. (Be inspired by reading Hannah’s story I Samuel 1 and 2:1-26.)

The second Mom that I want to commend, is someone whose son I interact with regularly. He’s a considerate and caring young man, generous and giving, and his employer seems to notice this as well. He is being recognized for these character qualities; the compass within, causes him to work with and manage people well. I observe here a young man with a mother who had (and took) the opportunity to make motherhood her priority in order to invest in her children, rather than building her own career during his early years. He, in turn, was able to take what she gave and made some good choices for his future.

Both of these adult children have mothers who’ve nurtured and invested in them, prayed for them, and now they, in turn, will invest in their children. What has prepared and equipped them to do this well?

When I meet a young person like this, I consider their background and upbringing. I like to look behind the curtain of someone’s life, finding out who it was that nurtured, prayed for, and invested in their life. The values and views, and the example this child grew up

Nubs & Mary 10-11-38
Norbert & Mary Niehaus Oct 11, 1938

under doesn’t happen by default; diligent effort went into this child. They receive a compass–a guiding tool that is calibrated during these early formative years and it’s what they’ll use later to set their own course in life. I like to call it their compass; the inner sensor that points them in a certain direction.

As a child, I had a mother who nurtured me in many ways, while busily running the farm with my Dad. I’m thankful for their prayers and the God-compass they guided me toward. When I consider where I could have ended up compared to where my relationship with my Heavenly Father has taken me, I am grateful.

I’m thinking of and thanking God for my Mom (and Dad) on this remembrance weekend.

Photo Credit: Google Images, private

One thought on “Moms

  1. Thanks for sharing, Nancy. I, too, am thankful for a godly mom. Her life has been a guide to me all my years.


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