Are You Persuadable?

THINK: How much of your attention is given to technology related relationships? What do you give your time and attention to? Are you under the influence? Drugged… Addicted?  If you’re interested in some insider info, take 17 minutes and listen to Tristan Harris (Founder of Time Well Spent) giving a Ted X Talk on the … More Are You Persuadable?

A True Friend

Good counsel can be difficult to find. My top recommendation is Rick Thomas. A man who has been through it; he offers hope, care with compassion, and solid Truth with results guaranteed by God. An investment worth your time. Listen in….Rick will be one of the best friends you can gain. Proverbs 27:6 says, Faithful … More A True Friend

Bottomed Out?

  Bottoming out is one way God can get our attention refocused from ourselves onto Him. Why? Because He knows we need Him. To some, it appears that God operates as though he is self-centered and wants people to supply His needs; but that is not the case. We, by our sin nature, are self-centered. … More Bottomed Out?

Genocide Denied

I recently watched a poignant documentary on genocide, the Armenian genocide that to this day the leaders of Turkey deny happened. Genocide is sin, darkness, death, cruelty from man upon other human beings who’ve been created by God in His image; demonically inspired leaders of one ethnicity determined to destroy those of another. Architects of … More Genocide Denied