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Being asked to wait works against our human nature; we’re born for action! No wonder the past year has been so difficult for many. I am often unwilling to wait because it feels like I’m not acting responsibly. In looking back on my waiting experiences, I can see that as…

Recipe for Relief

While living in Romania, I would find joy in the morning by sitting on the porch reading God’s Word and watching Gabriel herd his sheep, and goats, down the lane. I would think about Jesus, our gentle Shepherd, and it would bring me peace. We can find ourselves at times in emotional and spiritual struggle … More Recipe for Relief

Step Back

When life seems quite overwhelming,and you feel the need to take charge.Be careful you honor the scripture.for pains of consequence are large.If you will take gently a step back,consider your ways and be wise,you’ll soon see your Father’s instruction,in your situation proved wise. Step back and make room for the Lord,give time for His will … More Step Back

A New Year Focus

What will this new year hold for you? None of us are able to see through the portal of the future into the new year. Only God knows our journey — and His loving heart is there no matter what happens. The most important resolution you can make, is to go into this new year … More A New Year Focus