Feeling Sifted?

I grew up in a home where, as a girl, Mother would have me help her with baking and I got to sift the flour. It was fun; kids love twirling flour! The flour got aerated, became light and fluffy and made some great layered cakes. Additionally, it served in the old days to sift … More Feeling Sifted?

Do Not Be Deceived

“Sin will take you farther than you ever want to go…” Satan deceives… Christ restores. Then he steals… Christ gives. Satan kills… Christ gives life. Satan destroys… Christ recreates. The Deceiver hates… Christ loves.    (John 10:10) David lusted… sin committed. Guilt and shame… has to blame. Tempted further… next was murder. Took the wife… tried … More Do Not Be Deceived