Freedom from Sexual Idolatry

There’s help for those who have been affected by pornography and associated sexual sin. Pure Life Ministries offers hope & encouragement to those trapped in sexual sin and offers hope to the affected spouse.

Habitual sexual sin has a common pattern in the life of one given over to it: anger, lying, impatience, vagueness, self-centeredness, poor relationships and secrecy to name a few. An addict interacts in a superficial way to hide their corrupt heart. Often, they mask their sin by an indifferent attitude and keeping their distance from those who could help.

In order to help yourself, or someone hiding their sexual addiction, you need to become educated. Christian wives are often the most vulnerable, not wanting to suspect their husband has a problem, and greater yet the fear of what this self-centered life could cost them. Sexual sin will eventually destroy their marriage, and family if serious help is not sought.

Listen to the testimonies of these women who walked the hard road of recovery from marriages destroyed by ravages of sexual sin, and then restored. These women got help and received hope in the midst of tremendous pain. For each testimony shared on UNCHAINED the husband’s testimony is also available.

Testimonies — Pure Life Ministries

Dina, a young Christian wife who could not understand what was happening with her husband, Josh, and their marriage, discovered porn had a hold upon him. Here’s her testimony. (4 minutes)

Christina, a young mother, learned her husband was addicted to porn. She left home with her one-year-old son, sleeping wherever she could to get away from the behaviors associated with this addiction. God intervened and delivered her husband, Sherman, from his habitual sin and healed her heart. (4 minutes)

Nikki got married thinking that would help correct the problems they were facing before marriage. But no so, they were devastated by Wesley’s sexual sin and they grew to hate one another. Her testimony demonstrates the ability for hearts to be changed and forgiveness and hope to come. (4 minutes)

There are many other testimonies like these on the Pure Life Ministries website. Photo Credit: Pure Life Ministries

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