Night Adventures

Have you ever felt like you were living inside a movie script? I recall a winter night in Romania, January 1999, waiting… hiding in the cemetery next to the orphanage. At some point midweek, during our stay at the orphanage, Dale had asked Virginia about four particular children, siblings.  She said, “Oh no, that mother … More Night Adventures

The Clinic

Please don’t abort your baby; I’ll adopt your child…  REALLY? As I talked to these young women facing so much turmoil with their choice to abort their baby, I would often repeat the line that I had heard so many other pro-lifers say. On this particular day, as I stood outside the doors of the abortion clinic, … More The Clinic

Bread and Living

Upon my arrival the next morning to the place where I left my friend and her two children, I saw distraught faces and spats of blood everywhere on the white walls. What happened? I thought. Soon the story unfolded of the miserable night of torment between this destitute family and their invaders – mosquitoes! Everywhere … More Bread and Living

Curious Faces…

At about 10:30 a.m. we woke up to curious children outside our door wanting to know who had arrived from America.  Upon waking and realizing where I was, the memories of the van ride, only a few hours previous, haunted me.  But I quickly got off my bed to get dressed and see who the … More Curious Faces…