Thanksgiving Thoughts

In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.
1 Thessalonians 5:18 KJV

I had a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration.  This year it was very easy for me to BE thankful. We have the choice to be thankful, yet this can be difficult when we feel overwhelmed by the circumstances of our life.  There are times when it seems all we can see is the problem that is facing us.  I’ve been there.  As I look back upon those seasons of my life, I realize that God gave me opportunities and godly people to help me humbly walk through them — it took trusting Him, even though I felt like sitting and giving up.  Have you been there?

The good thoughts I can share for those who are in a difficult season now would be to read what I call my theme chapter of the Bible: Psalm 1 (Amp). It is a promise to God’s children that if we will continue walking according to His Counsel (advice and example) and meditating  upon His Law (precepts and teachings) we will not only make it through the difficulty, but shall prosper (come to maturity). Dwelling in God’s Word is what changes our mind about the circumstances we face. Once we THINK right, we can then DO right, and then we will FEEL right. It is truly like being a tree planted in living water.  The Zoe (Spiritual: eternal, divine) life of God is where we receive His abundance.  And this life, referred to by Jesus in John 10:10, can then influenece our Bios (Biological: physical) and Psuche (Psychological/Soul: mind, will, emotions) life.

Start by thanking God for His great love for you. Take in His Word and renew your mind so that you will be able to comprehend the riches He offers you in Christ.  Soon you will find your mind lining up with the Word of God and thankfulness will come.  Encourage yourself in the Lord daily.

May God’s love and peace be yours this Christmas season.  Remember, God is looking for you be someone He may extend His love and mercy through — there are souls around us in need of a Saviour.

(Photo credit: Mine–View of Lake Champlain from our daughters’ apartment where I shared a nice Thanksgiving breakfast with them before heading south to enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving meal with our son and his immediate and extended family.)

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