The Continuous Flow

crocus-1261310__480It never ends this fullness of God,
By grace it is granted to all who desire.
His grace and mercy poured out from His love,
To all who are willing to freely receive.

It never ends this unfailing love,
Like a brook in the forest–continuous flow,
The sounds of His river–the constant abide,
Is found in His presence all peaceful inside.

It never ends this revealing Word,
As I meditate and read such fullness is found.
He entrusts us to take all we have learned,
And impart to others from what we’ve received.

It never ends His unfolding of Truth,
To hearts that will seek in His golden Word.
Like diamonds found in the richest of earth,
A treasure for those who live on His words.

It never ends this beautiful gift,
Communing with Father who gives liberally,
One day soon we shall behold Him and see,
He who granted this access to all.

By Nancy Demary 5/7/14

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