Bottomed Out?


Bottoming out is one way God can get our attention refocused from ourselves onto Him. Why? Because He knows we need Him.

To some, it appears that God operates as though he is self-centered and wants people to supply His needs; but that is not the case. We, by our sin nature, are self-centered. God needs nothing — He IS complete in Himself. We are the needy one.

God our Father, has a compassionate heart of love toward all people; in our Father’s grace and mercy He leaves the ninety-nine and passionately, prodigally, goes after that one. Look at the Prodigal Father in Luke 15:11-32.

Prodigal GodThis book by Tim Keller, The Prodigal God, is so insightful. Tim explains the “prodigal” (recklessly extravagant, spending everything) love of the Father towards us. This book, along with much good counsel, has shown me what an “Elder Brother” I have been and can be. I am humbled and thankful for the many ways God has caused me to bottom-out, so that His grace could transform my heart.

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Photo Credit: Pixabay, Tim Keller.

2 thoughts on “Bottomed Out?

  1. I’ve made a link to your post on *Shame* to use on a post of mine scheduled for 12/1, “*What’s to Fear?*” I don’t know yet what the Father plans for me to write, but believe your message will somehow fit in. Thanks for sharing it! My John has been doing some preaching on FB! God’s working! He enjoyed an hour with his daughter Thursday! He sees her again on the 4th, and is so excited to finally get to spend time with her! God’s working!

    Love and prayers, Jean


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