Paul’s new book…

A ministry in Kathmandu asked if I would travel to western Nepal to help deliver a load of Bibles to a rural community of new believers. I jumped at the opportunity, and a few days later I joined a Nepali Christian named Ramesh on a seventeen- hour bus ride to the west side of the country. It was the first stage of an arduous journey that almost ended my life.” – from Paul Hattaway’s new book An Asian Harvest.

I just read a chapter of Paul Hattaway’s newest book.  You can read the whole chapter on Asia Harvest’s website and also order the book there.

Paul includes very personal accounts of pain and sorrow he and Joy have lived through, and not always at the hands of non-christians, but within their own missionary group. We need to beware in these last days, idolatry abounds in the hearts of men who can appear to be Christian leaders, yet self-pleasure has them bound to someone other than Christ Himself. Insightful and needed in the church today.

I have been acquainted with Paul and Joy for many years, and we have developed a caring friendship.  They are precious servants upon whom God has bestowed miracles numerous times. Please keep them in your prayers — they are on the front lines of the spiritual, and sometimes physical, battle within God’s Kingdom.

Paul has written numerous books: The Heavenly Man — Brother Yun’s story, China’s Christian Martrys, The Blood & Fire Series, Operation China, Peoples of the Buddist World, and more… all great reading.

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