DISCLAIMER: My foundation for writing is the Word of God and accompanying study helps. For common terms, geographical, medical, and legal verbiage, I research by using on-line resources and websites. If there is significant material cited that should be credited or needs further clarification, I will give a link to that information or use footnotes.  bible-1414669__480

My writing flows from what I believe the Holy Spirit inspires in me through my relationship with Him, and write to be used by Him to touch the hearts of my readers so that in the end they are edified and built up in faith. This is a precious gift to me. I in turn desire to be a gift to you in sharing what He inspires me to write. Along with Holy Spirit-filled inspiration, over the past 37 years as a disciple of Jesus Christ, I have heard many wonderful and inspiring speakers. Most of them were preachers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They have influenced my life in a tremendous way, placing a desire in me to live for Christ alone. I thank God for everyone He has used to shaped my life.

CREDITS: Photo credits go to Pixabay, unless otherwise indicated.  If no credit is given it is likely from my personal photos.

I want to give credit to the many wonderful people who have influenced me over the years.  I hope you know who you are and how much I appreciate each one of you.  Without your love, fellowship, mentoring and precious care for my soul, I certainly would not be writing with the joy and the health of soul I have today.

God has used my husband, Dale, through the years to expand my vocabulary and bring many interesting events into my life. His adventurous heart has taken me to places I would not have gone alone. God has also used many experiences in our marriage over the past 36 years to produce in me that which only God could take and make beautiful. Dale is also the one, God used to broaden my horizons and deposit me in the ancient land of Dacia (Romania), to live for a year among people I could not speak with initially. The end result was the adoption of our four beautiful children: Anca, Carmen, Andre and Betinia.

I want to also express my love for Rodica, our children’s birth mother.  She has endured much suffering over the years, not only from life but as a biological mother who dearly loves her children.   We have had an open adoption so we could share the love both ways.  Our children have all reunited with Rodi at various times in Italy, where she currently lives.  What a blessing for our children be able to both give and receive love from her.

Our story is still being written by God, but the focus is upon the two-year portion that involved the adoption is being covered in My Book. You can read selected chapters under that tab here on my website. Our children are a beautiful testimony of God’s grace and mercy, goodness and love. Truly they are miracles of God and I thank Him for each of them and all they have added to my life!  God is good.

LINKS: Finally, songs and music in general, are powerful. Music is a gift from God to bless and lift us into a place of worship. As well, we are given the ability to express to God thankfulness for all He has provided and accomplished in our life and world. Because there is so much wonderful music, and technology allows for me to link a song with a thought I share, I often like to do that. If you enjoy solidifying a thought with a song, click the link in the text to take a pause and listen. May you sense the wonder and awe of a Heavenly Father who cares deeply for you and wants you to know of His marvelous love. ~ Nancy

Photo Credit (of Bible) Pixabay