A,B,C – Get Ready, Go!

ABC’s of Spiritual Life

AWAKE at the APPOINTED time.

BEGIN your day by counting your BLESSINGS.

COMMIT your way to the Lord, desiring to be CONTROLLED by the Holy Spirit.

DEVOTE the first hour to worship, God’s Word, prayer and reflection, and apply it.

EXERCISE yourself with Biblical EXAMINATION of your thoughts and motives.

FIND ways to be a blessing to your FAMILY.

GIVE of your time, talent and money to GOD’s purposes.

HONOR your parents HAPPILY.

INSTRUCT yourself biblically to overcome areas of immaturity & sin.

JOYFULLY serve others.

KINDLY speak to others.

LOVINGLY treat others.

MANAGE your time wisely.

NEVER give place to the devil.

OPEN your heart to God’s correction.

PUT away all wrath, bitterness, anger and evil speaking.

QUESTION each decision in light of God’s Word.

RECEIVE instruction from those in authority.

SUBMIT yourself to God and those in authority.

TRUST the Lord to work in your life and on your behalf.

UNDERSTAND what the will of God is for you.

VOICE only that which pleases God.

WORDS of unrighteous anger are forbidden by God.

XRAY (examine) before speaking.

YOU are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works—rejoice therefore!

ZEALOUSLY contend for the faith.

By Nancy Demary