I Am Drawn to Hope

I am drawn naturally, to where hope is found,
This is how I am made, for life to abound.
I know that if Christ, is my treasure in store,
He’ll fill my desires, and I’ll need no more.

Sometimes though, we are moved with pain,
And the brighter sky, seems filled with rain.
How can I find, this hope that I seek,
When my heart seeks answers, in the worldly and weak.

When the weight of despair, outweighs the rest,
My balance is off, I’m overwhelmed by the tests.
The way of God’s Word, seems too much to bear,
Am I drawn to an artificial, answer in prayer?

Can running away, to escape for relief,
Be the real answer, to my deep time of grief?
But alas, the Spirit–does come to my aid,
And offer real hope, in the midst of charade.

I’ve come to conclusion, God’s way is the best,
If my hope is in Christ, He will give me rest.
The assault that I feel, will give way to peace,
And while circumstance remains, my unrest can cease.

So while there’s brief comfort, in worldly relief,
I must fix my mind on, a true heart of belief.
That my Heavenly Father, provides me His love,
And as I’m drawn to Him, then hope will come.

~ Nancy Demary