Wrong Appetites

When a child or youth develops an appetite for sneaking around, it will grow to haunt them when they are older.  And if it is not dealt with rightly, this thrill of the secret life will continue into adult life and eventually destroy everything.  Insightful thoughts from a sermon by Robert Morris, Gateway Church entitled Freedom from Lust and Sexual Sin.

In listening to this message by Robert Morris, I thought about good parenting.  When both parents are walking in the Light, there is nothing to hide and the children in the home experience the Light of God.  Their appetite is satisfied with God and His ways and they do not feel the need to hide from Him or their parents. Yes, they will be tempted like everyone to hide something, but the appetite developed will be to confess the wrong and come clean.  And the reward received of peace and love confirms this as good and right.  Conversely, when there is darkness and sin, confusion reigns, and someone ends up hiding something… and nothing good can come of that.  This hiding and blaming becomes a normal pattern and destruction lay ahead for them.  I John 1:7 says to, Walk in the Light (Jesus) and have fellowship with one another, and that is pleasurable!

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