Hope – We Need It

Our culture is increasingly realizing that with the proliferation of internet availability and usage in the mid-nineties, the lure of sexual sin increased exponentially; we live among a generation of sexually addicted souls. Some folks seem unaware of the dilemma we face or would rather avoid it. And the church is not exempt; among men, … More Hope – We Need It

Gateway Drugs

With the freedom and secrecy of the internet, sexual addiction has taken over as one of the killers today, and the church is not exempt. The problem with pornography is that it perverts something God intends for good. The hormones God placed within us for pleasure becomes a snare when stimulated wrongly. It is true, … More Gateway Drugs

Forgive and Forget?

Remember the children’s story, The Emperor’s New Clothes? Published in 1837 by Hans Christian Andersen, it is one of my favorite stories in revealing aspects of human nature; the fear of man (aka peer pressure), hypocrisy, and the going along with the crowd mentality. People tend to want to avoid conflict and have others think highly … More Forgive and Forget?

Free Indeed!

Habitual sin (aka addiction) is consuming people everywhere.  We live in an addicted society. In biblical terms, we would describe this as bondage to an idol in the heart.  Something that has been given a place and taken hold in the person’s life to where they feel helpless to become free.  The goods news is … More Free Indeed!