Bottomed Out?

  Bottoming out is one way God can get our attention refocused from ourselves onto Him. Why? Because He knows we need Him. To some, it appears that God operates as though he is self-centered and wants people to supply His needs; but that is not the case. We, by our sin nature, are self-centered. … More Bottomed Out?


God is willing to adopt us, removing a spirit of slavery that produces fear and replacing that with a spirit of adoption producing son/daughtership. When we choose Him, we belong to Him, we have all the benefits of His children. He is our protector, provider and loving Father. (Rom. 8:15). God does not give us … More Adopted!

Freedom Living!

Sad, discouraged, depressed? Angry when things don’t go your way? Many go through life wondering why their life seems discouraging while others seem happy. There are various reasons for this, and I will tell you that it is not God’s will for you to be bound by these feelings, but rather to find your hope … More Freedom Living!


Fear is what kept me from jumping out of the airplane that day. They call it free-fall — jumping out of a perfectly good airplane, pulling the rip cord at the right time, relaxing and falling, rather floating, to the ground. There were several candidates signing up for the early morning class and afternoon jump. … More Free-fall