Pride and Presumption

Nancy Demary

Driver arrogantI recall my first return trip to the US after living for 3 months in post-communist Romania. It was a beautiful Spring day in April 2000. I specifically remember as I was driving down Greenfield Avenue in West Allis, WI, to our home and I turned to look at the driver next to me; this thought came to mind, “We are a presumptuous people”. I realized that day that I was a presumptuous person.

I am forever changed by living in a country once dominated and governed by Communism. There’s a couple of things that have stood out to me: 1. I lived among people who were humbled by the oppression they lived under and I was drawn to a quality I saw in them because of it. 2. That as an American, I was proud of my independence and thought I was invincible.

May I give you…

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